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Just a year before today, a new disease had knocked in our country. After that, there was a cry in India like the whole world. Yes, I am talking about Covid-19. An epidemic that shook the whole world. The epidemic began with a wet market in Wuhan, China.  But gradually the epidemic engulfed the whole world. Some time passed and the capacity of this epidemic was reduced. But we were wrong.  

Today, after almost a year, this epidemic has knocked in our country. This time this disease has become more dangerous as before. This time scientists are calling it double mutant Covid-19. Everyone is more scared this time. There is a shortage of oxygen cylinders in the country.  Beds are full in hospitals. But despite all this, this time there is also a positive thing which no news agency is showing. Yes, I refer to the Covid-19 vaccine.  

These days every news agency is showing only one news that there is a huge lack of oxygen cylinders in the country. People are not getting beds in hospitals. But no news agency is showing that the vaccine of this epidemic is also available in our country.  And the vaccine is mandatory to all. 

I see how many educated and illiterate people are in our country. Those who are just propagating the vaccine without thinking anything. India is a country where its citizens trust WhatsApp University more than scientific research. Let me show you the data of some countries. The countries where the vaccine drive is going on.

Graphs are taken from Our World in Data Site

Graphs are taken from Our World in Data Site

As you can see in the graph above, in a country like Israel, where more than 62% people have taken the first dose of vaccine. And at the same time, our country is at the last place in terms of vaccination. If we look at the statistics of our country, till now i.e. by April 30 only 9% of the people in our country have got their first dose of vaccine.

So what is it that we are still so far behind. The population of our country can also be a reason for this. But population may not be the main reason. Now you will say that there are policies of our government behind this. But it is not so. 

India is the only country where the process of vaccination has been at the broadest level. But still we are the most backward. We have a sick mindset behind all this. I have heard people say that vaccination is not safe for us. Here people can line up for cylinders of oxygen but do not want to be in a vaccination line. Think to yourself, how will our country win the war of this corona epidemic.

Let me tell you some basic things about vaccination.

History of vaccination

Vaccine development began more than two centuries ago. When an English doctor named Edward Jenner treated a young boy by injecting pus with a smallpox blister found on a milkman's hands.

Chickenpox contains a virus called vaccinia, which causes smallpox. The injection had immunized the boy against smallpox. The term "vaccine" originated from the virus's name "Vaccinia".

What is Vaccine

A vaccine is a product that stimulates a person's immune system to develop immunity against a particular disease. Which protects that person from that particular disease.

Vaccines are usually administered via needle injection, but can also be administered by mouth or nasal spray.

How COVID-19 Vaccine works on our body

This viral vector vaccine contains one type of gene that encodes for a spike protein on the surface of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Once it is delivered to our cells, the gene is transferred. Thereby inducing our cells to produce spike proteins. The mere presence of this protein triggers the body's immune system to produce antibodies to fight the spike protein. And gives our body immunity to fight SARS-COV-2.

Now I will show you a data which everyone wants:

Authorised COVID-19 Vaccines & their Efficacy Rate



Type of vaccine 

Efficacy rate 










Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)

Viral vector




Viral vector



Serum Institute of India

Viral vector




Viral vector


Sputnik V


Viral vector



Bharat Biotech




Sinopharm (Beijing)



Inactivated (Vero Cell)

Sinopharm (Wuhan)








Anhui Zhifei Longcom

Protein subunit




Protein subunit


Common side effects of COVID-19 vaccine

Now I will talk about some common side effects of COVID vaccine. These include: -

1. fever
2. fatigue
3. nausea
4. bodyeche
5. headache

All these side effects are mild and for a few days.

Whether these vaccines are also effective in new variants

Just a few months ago, we heard that new variants have come out due to mutations in COVID-19 virus. Which are more contagious and dangerous than the previous COVID-19 variant. The names of those new variants are:

1.B.1.1.7 - This SARS-COV-2 variant, first indentified in the UK

2. B.1.351- This SARS-COV-2 variant was first indentified in South Africa

3. P.1 - This SARS-COV-2 variant was first indentified in Brazil

Now you are wondering whether these vaccines are also effective in these variants. So the answer is, there is a lot of research going on this right now. But according to a research conducted in february-2021, Oxford-AstraZeneca (Covishield) and all of the above mentioned vaccines can provide reasonably good treatment against new variants of COVID-19.

Should we take the COVID-19 vaccine?

We know what a vaccine is. How the COVID-19 Vaccine Will Work & What are some common side effects of COVID-19 vaccine? Now the question comes, should we take the COVID-19 vaccine? The answer is yes. 

Yes, experts say that there is some risk in any medical treatment. But the COVID-19 vaccine has been introduced only after a thorough test. And now the WHO has also said yes to the vaccine.

So yes, it is safe and right to take the vaccines.

But yes, we do not forget that vaccines do not give us complete protection. We have to use social distancing, regular hand wash and mask even after getting vaccinations.


I hope you have learned a lot from this blog about vaccination. So do not hesitate now and when your number comes, do get the vaccine sure.

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