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We are born as human beings in this world. And to achieve anything in life, it is necessary for a person to do karma.Many times, while doing karma in our life, human beings make some mistakes.Some mistakes are such that we have to face punishment, some mistakes are such that we get forgiveness. We as humans are also a social animal.We have to live in this society. But many times in this society, some social animals deliberately blame us for our past mistakes.The mistakes that we have suffered even to the point of punishment. You will find many such social animals in this society, who do not tolerate the smile on the face of others. Such people want us to repent of our old mistakes, which we did not do intentionally. They want us to say something about their old mistakes, so that they can construct their own future story. In such a situation, there are two paths left with that human being, first, accept the mistake of not knowing it intentionally.  And let's say that we made that mistake.The other way remains is to awaken the Ajatashatru sitting inside.  Sometimes we can learn a lot from the names of bloodthirsty kings recorded in the pages of the history. Ajatashatru who ruled by putting his father Bimbisar in prison. But here I will not tell the story of that king i.e. Ajatashatru.  Here I will explain the real meaning of his name.  Ajatashatru which literally means a person who has no enemy.  So those who make you feel guilty for the mistakes you have made all the time, are not your friends.They are your enemies somewhere or the other.

Have you ever thought about those who are big politicians or who are famous actresses, how they save themselves from such situations.  Because there are millions of people who troll them.  Such people have awakened Ajatshatru in their lives.  They constantly take some things in their life without stopping. The things that are still buried in the hearts of the people sitting in these big positions. We can also awaken our inner Ajatashatru.We also have to bring those things to life.

Those things are our silence, smile on face and ignorance.Yes, we have to implement these things in our lives.  And have to follow them continuously.Then whenever such people make us feel guilty, then we have to remain silent.Just keep a slow smile on your face and ignore such people as much as you can.  You will see gradually such people will keep moving away from the category of your enemy.  Because being an enemy and making an enemy are two different things.  When you apply such things in yourself, you will see how slowly you will become an enemy less.  Because when you do not say anything to such people and start ignoring, then people like these are left with nothing to say against you.  And they are no longer your enemies.  There comes a day when you get everything in your life without any hindrance.  Because by that time you have become an Ajatashatru.


Utkarsh Khare 'Musafir'

Utkarsh Khare 'Musafir' is a Urdu Poet & Blogger. He has written various beautiful Urdu poetries & so many informative & motivational Blog. Some of his famous poetries also available in the major online platforms i.e. Rekhta. He is a graduate in Information Technology. He is a banker by profession. His first published book is ‘IK POSHIDA DARIYA NAZM’O KA’. Which is very famous in Urdu Poetries readers community. He is very enthusiastic and jolly by nature. He likes travelling and he loves nature. And after reading his poetries you will also feel that he is a keen lover of nature.

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